Start married life with a dream wedding: Santo Vanuatu

Relax - it's taken care of by Get Married Vanuatu

Get married in Vanuatu. Enjoy the tropical warm island of Espiritu Santo and its surrounding islands in Vanuatu; a perfect paradise for a relaxing wedding and honeymoon.

Get local help to coordinate the documentation, the ceremony, the reception, accommodation and all your wedding day plans to make your dream tropical wedding a reality.

Espiritu Santo is only a 2 hour 45 minute direct flight from Brisbane or a 3 hour flight from Auckland to Port Vila with a 45 minute connecting flight from Port Vila to Santo.

The Vanuatu island of Santo is a spectacular tropical escape for your wedding day.

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Worry Free

Planning your wedding from Australia or New Zealand? Then talk with a Wedding Planner in Vanuatu and arrange your dream wedding so you can relax in paradise. 

Avoid the worry of planning your wedding from miles away. Our wedding packages come with the personal attention of a wedding planner from New Zealand who lives in Vanuatu who has inside knowledge of the best people in Santo, Vanuatu available to help your perfect day become a warm life-long memory. 

Get Married in Vanuatu and ease the burden of planning your wedding, and let the concern and fear will just melt away.

Relax – it’s taken care of by Get Married Vanuatu...

Affordable Weddings

Choose a customised wedding package: along with our attention to detail and our high level of personalised service and advice you will find it very affordable. We have relationships with local resort owners, caterers, celebrants, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and other services you may need. Get Married Vanuatu are with you all the way, from the time you decide to get married in Santo Vanuatu, to the day you return from your wedding covered in smiles carrying great memories.

Helen - wedding coordinator at Get Married VanuatuWedding Coordinator

Helen, from Get Married Vanuatu, works with local people to perfect your wedding plans and fulfil your every need. She is an experienced wedding coordinator; adaptable, resourceful, and organised. She is full of great ideas to take care of your wedding day and honeymoon to make it stress free.

Leave it to her – relax, it’s taken care of by Get Married Vanuatu...

Contact Helen today to arrange your wedding in paradise! Get Married in Vanuatu!